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I’m Expecting!!!

What are you in expectation for? I really want to know. As we get ready to enter into the 5th month of the year, I need to know what you are putting demand on for the rest of your 2021! Drop me a comment below and let me know because listen people have fainted since the top of the year and now some of you believe that it is too late to do whatever goal you set for yourself this year and I’m here to tell you IT’S NOT TOO LATE!! It is never too late to LIVE! Hear me when I say that IT IS STILL GOING TO HAPPEN. You can STILL buy the house! You can STILL pay off the debt! You can STILL lose the weight! You can STILL go on vacation! You can STILL start the business! You can STILL go back to school! You can STILL do what ever your heart desires. PUT A DEMAND ON THE REST OF YOUR YEAR!

Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking you don’t have enough time! You do! Start today and right now! I’ve been in this place where I am NOT LETTING ANYTHING KEEP ME FROM WHAT GOD TOLD ME I CAN HAVE!! NO ONE CAN GET IN MY WAY except ME! I am my only problem!


What are you going to do about it? We spend a lot of time watching other people achieve goals and live out their dreams, wishing we could do it too. The honest truth is that YOU CAN! I used to be this person! I used to watch tv and scroll on social media and wish that I can live my life like some people I followed. I wanted to be just as pretty or skinny or bold. UNTIL LAST YEAR WHEN I REALIZED THAT GIRRRRLLLLAAA YOU ARE ALL OF THAT AND THEN SUM! Today, you can’t tell me anything about me because LISTEN I KNOW WHAT MY FATHER SAID, and your word cannot trump what HE has said. Opinions do not matter!!

How did we get to this place? Well let me share my process. One of the first things God did for me is surround me with people who SAW ME the way HE SAW ME. I had some one come into my life and speak life to me and from there I had to MAKE A DECISION. You have to make a choice that you are ready to be all-in with pursuing the person that God predestined you to be from the beginning. I poured my heart out to God and told him I was ready! My next steps were therapy and truly focusing on dealing with ALL  my issues. I didn’t compartmentalize what I wanted to deal with or face. I bared it all and I did this by going to therapy and joining a Discipleship group at my church. Which ended up being like group therapy for me. It helped me so much and it was refreshing to know that I WAS NOT ALONE. The 4th thing I did was GIVE IT TO GOD. With all that I learned about myself through therapy and the discipleship class, I had to learn that I wasn’t going to heal myself and the people I was going to help sort my thoughts and emotions were not responsible for healing me either. I had to give it to God and allow Him to heal me and guide me on this journey I was on.  The process of becoming your full self is UGLY at first because no one likes to hear how they played a roll in their demise! It’s easier to blame everyone else for your failures and mistakes but taking OWNERSHIP and truly healing is best thing you can do for yourself!  Then finally, I walked in it. By this I mean God started to reveal My purpose in this process and I had to be bold enough to WALK (OBEY) what he was telling me to do and it changed my life.

Now my process is mine alone and yours may be very different. I’m just here to tell you to start the process. WHATEVER THAT MAY BE FOR YOU! Get before God and seek His face and allow Him to show you what you need to do. I’m telling you submitted life to God is LIFE CHANGING.

Now this definitely took a turn from being in expectation, but you should be expecting always for GOD to do something miraculous in your life!! HEALING and finding out who you are is apart of that process! We want all the things but don’t follow instructions or prepare for the things we are asking for!


So let me tell you what I’m expecting!!!

I’m in expectation for supernatural debt cancellation! I’m in expectation for this blog to be a 4-figure blog by the end of the year. I’m in expectation to meet my husband before the year is out. I’m in expectation to purchase a home in the next 2 years.


Until Next Time!

Love always,

Ashley Lachea’

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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