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Is it Worth the Wait?

I’ve been on a dating app for a few weeks now and I have not necessarily been approached by foolishness but I haven’t been approached at all. I have hundreds of likes on my profile but not a single message to engage in conversation so WHAT does that mean? Chile I wish I had an answer for you….. So now I’m wondering is this also what happens when I’m out and about. They see me they think I’m attractive but there is no approach. Have I made myself unapproachable? Or is God hiding me? 

For some this may sound so churchy or an excuse but my prayer to God is for me to find my Husband. Someone I can chase purpose with and what if God is literally hiding me until I am ready for this aspect of my life to unfold. 

I am 35 so I would be lying if I said I haven’t had several conversations as to when this thing is going to happen and am I doing the most now because like I said I have only been on this app for a few weeks and I mean maybe I could be the one to make the first move and just say hello?! 

I am truly working through my thoughts with you all and letting you see that singleness is a PROCESS! Dating is such a new thing but then I think about something that Pastor Mike Todd said that blew my mind, he stated that the concept of what we call dating is practicing divorce! I said WHAAAATTT???  He goes on further to say that you form a habit of getting into things and getting out of them. Because you try it as many times as you want to until you find the one and then when and if you get married and things get tough your first instinct is to RUN! 

Now the thought process behind this is genius because when do we learn how to stick it out? But on the flip side of that how do you discover and build relationships if you are not dating. Do you just hang out and until you come to the consensus that you are courting? And is that not considered dating?

My conclusion on all of this is…WHAT DID GOD SAY? And this wasn’t to bash Pastor Mike because I LOVE his ministry. This was really me processing what I should be doing in this season of my life. I have to be mindful of what I hear from God for myself and so do you. In this season where EVERYONE and they momma is handing out advice on dating, and  you really have to hear and seek God for yourself. We can’t afford to get caught up in other people’s opinions or experiences. To be clear, I am not saying that people don’t have good advice that may be applicable to you in this season, but you would only know that if you are at the feet of the father and getting clear instructions. We really have to learn how to take what we need and throw the rest out. This singleness journey doesn’t have to be hard and I’m not saying it’s not without challenges but what I am saying is with God you have ALL that you need to walk out this process. 

Matthew 6:33 Tells you to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” The scriptures prior to this verse are telling us how we should not be worried about a thing because if God can take care of the birds in the air and lilies in the field what would he not do for you!

He already knows your desires and your needs! He has you! All you have to do is be positioned and obedient.

Matthew 7:7 TPT says “Ask, and the gift is yours. Seek, and you’ll discover. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.” God says sis I GOT YOU! He will give the instructions necessary to thrive in this season. All we have to do is stay at his feet. So be encouraged in this season. Don’t be distracted by what you see and think that God has forgotten you. IT IS A LIE! He absolutely hears you and He loves you enough to give you things when you are ready. He loves you enough to prepare you before He sends you or unveils you. He loves you enough to make you wait so He can protect you. 

It’s all happening right on time!

Until next time!

Love always!

Ashley Lacheá

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