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Confessions of a Makeup Junkie…

29 May

As a young woman I’ve grown to love makeup more and more over the years. I watch YouTube make-up tutorials religiously to learn new tips, and catch up on new beauty products. I’m super fickle (aka I change my mind alot 🙂 so makeup is the perfect way to “change your look” and keep it fresh. MAC, NYX, L’oreal, ELF, Nars, Sephora, Black Radiance just to name a few of my favorites are always coming out with a must have item. As I stated in a previous post I’ve had acne since I was in middle school, it’s diminished alot but I still have a few spots and “monthly breakouts” (Ladies know what I mean) that almost require me to wear concealer and or foundation to cover them up. I’ve always been insecure about my natural skin because of my breakouts and acne scars but lately I’ve been going outside……WITH NO MAKEUP ON!!!


Lmbo! Yes, I, Michaelia have started going outside in BROAD DAYLIGHT with no foundation, mascara, concealer etc only lip gloss or lipstick. Granted I did wear sunglasses so I’m kind of cheating but for me this is a big accomplishment, over the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to take a “day off” from makeup on my skin. 1) To give my skin a break, on my days off from work I would even wear makeup so really my skin was covered 7 days a week & 2) I’m trying to embrace my natural-ness since my hair is natural now I feel like hey why not my face!! I even asked male friends and they’ve confirmed they prefer women to not wear a lot of makeup or none at all which I can understand. I had to explain to them that most women don’t wear makeup for men, they do it for themselves, if you look good then you’ll feel good right? Right. So with that being said I think makeup is fine (if applied correctly lol) but having a dependency on it can cause you to feel less than beautiful which is usually only seen by your self consciousness and not by others. Since I’ve primarily been on one side of the fence I want to try to explore my “blank face” in more places and more often. Don’t be mistaken I’m not going out to an event with a blank face now (snaps fingers) but I will continue to do errands, shopping and local runs without makeup just to remind myself I’m beautiful with or without…makeup 🙂

With makeup...

With makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

Without makeup...

Without makeup…

without makeup...

without makeup…

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Rihanna Drops Diamonds in D.C!

16 May

Rihanna’s 777 Diamonds World Tour finally touched down in the DMV (D.c Maryland and VA) April 29th at the Verizon Center. The Sunday proceeding the concert we all took a trip down to Tyson’s Corner Mall to run for a few last minute things which includes Cinnabun of course :). Since I’m the designated makeup junkie of the clique Ashley and Erin asked me to do their faces for the show.

I wanted Erin’s makeup to focus on her lips with something bold and bright, keep the eyes nude, and accentuated long lashes. For Erin’s foundation we used Maybelline’s BB Cream for a light coverage on her face. Then I used my Elf Cosmetic’s Small Angled Brush and the leftover residue of my Black Radiance Creme Liner in “Classic Black” to fill in her brows and elongate her tail. I wanted to keep her eyes simple and clean so I used Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NW35 to highlight her lids. Then I used a large blending brush to apply “honey brown” (from Sephora’s “In The Night” moon shadow baked palette) to give her eye a light shine without too much color.
Since her lashes are already long and pronounced we didn’t need to add anything to them. I wanted to make her eyes pop so I used NYX’s jumbo pencil in “Cottage Cheese” which has a shimmery white color on her water line. This pencil shows up a little lighter than I would’ve liked so I used Sephora’s “In the Night” shadow palette again this time in “white gold” to make her water line as white as possible. I’m a strong believer of hydrating lips BEFORE applying any lipstick or lip color to avoid cracks or dryness. We used Carmex’s moisturizing lip balm, let it set for a few minutes and then wipe the residue off with the back of your hand (I noticed that putting skin to skin to remove the lip moisturizer is better than wiping it away with a tissue because it doesn’t strip away the moisture :). Then I applied NYX’s Matte color in “Sweet Pink” to her lips we did have to add a little bit of Wet and Wild’s “Dollhouse Pink” and it turned out like this……

Erin aka E*Baby

Erin aka E*Baby



The products that made Erin's look happen*

The products that made Erin’s look happen*

Ashley applied her Mary Kay’s “matte wear” for full coverage on her face. Then I went straight to the eyes and primed them with NYX’s eye shadow base to keep her shadow from creasing. I applied a tortoise sea green shadow from her Absolute palette on her lids (sorry it doesn’t have an actual name it’s a beauty supply store palette, lol). Then under her bottom lashes I applied a peachy orange shadow with Sephora’s flat eyeliner brush to give her eyes a pop of color. I love the look of false lashes but I haven’t mastered the application as of yet. So we asked our lash queen Dondra to put her skills to work and apply a set of Elf Cosmetics lashes. After a few minutes Ashley’s lashes were dry, I touched up her shadow a bit and then I went to the lips. While we where at Tyson’s Ashley purchased Sephora’s Rogue cream lipstick “Love Test 11” which is a gorgeous creamy purple…..



The products that made Ashley's look happen*

The products that made Ashley’s look happen*


photo (9)

Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

Gabifresh creates fashionable SwimSuits for All!

15 May


One of my favorite Fashion Bloggers Gabifresh teamed up with SwimSuits for All and created her own AWESOME swimsuit line which launched today!! I was so excited to see what she came up with for the CURVACIOUS BEAUTIES and she NAILED IT!! Each piece only costing $68! Which is pretty awesome considering the fact that it is at times hard to find a cute, plus size, and INEXPENSIVE bathing suit that fits properly. See pics below! Drop a comment and let me know what you think….I’m thinking about order the Neon Green one myself!!

And Check out Gabifresh blog!!

Later Loves!



9 May


Hey Hey Beauties!!! As a girl who wears a size 10 shoe there are times when I go into a store find a shoe I love and get upset only to find that they don’t have my size -__- but I can never say I’m ever as frustrated as my BFF (fellow blogger Mickey) who wears a size 12. So, I’m like there has to be shoes out there for you we just have to look. You can’t possibly be the only 25-year-old with big feet 0.o. As I started looking for shoes that went above a size 10 and were actually cute…I almost got discouraged because I was finding shoes that at best went size 11 and then I came across an amazing website called Their shoes start at a 10 and go all the way to a size 15. They have an amazing shoe selection of some cute and trendy shoes. They even carry fashionable brands such as Dolce Vita and Jeffrey Campbell <<<<I LOVE HIS SHOES!!! I also found that brands like Ninewest also went up to a size 12 in select styles and Nordstrom also had pretty good selection of shoes that went up to a size 12. I took the time to pick out some cute shoes that are trending for the summer for those of you out there who have similar problems! Hope you like! And if you know of other brands, stores, or websites that carry cute shoes over-size 10 please leave in the comment box below!!

First up (sizes 10-15)


Jeffrey Campbell Prospector Oxfords $134

I’m in love with the Oxford styles!! They are so classic and dainty and cute 🙂


Charlotte Coral Steel toe pump $74


Belize Yellow Color block wedge<<I freakin love these!! You may see these on my feet in a future post!




These are super cute in every color they come in, however these stop at an 11 😦

Hairy Platform Pump $79.99 (sizes 5-11)


Everyone needs a pattern shoe! These pattern wedges are so FABULOUS!!

Mitchell Pattern Wedge $109 (sizes 5-12)


Natural platform gladiator pump to make your everyday wear that much cuter!

Harriets $89.99 (sizes 5-12)


Of course we need SPARKLE

Ossian embellished Flat $79.00 (sizes 5-12)

Last but Most DEFINITELY not LEAST


Aubree Flat by Tildon $49.94 (sizes 5-11)


Serina Wedge by Sole Society Gladiator Wedge $59.95 (sizes 5-11)


Harvey Flat by Report Signature $59.95 (sizes 5-11)


Grant Sandal by Sam Edelman Gladiator Flat $ 129.95 (sizes 5-12)

The Water in YOU!!

8 May

When I was younger I can remember reaching for a soda and my mother saying “Have some water it’s better for you.” As I sighed and put the soda down I wondered what’s so great about water. It has no caffeine, no sweet flavor and no fizz or bubbles for my own visual amusement. Now as an adult I can tell you my mother was right and water tastes even better now than it ever did. As a teenager I developed the curse of acne so soda became my vice that I later paid the price for.
I would get white heads galore sometimes two or 3 piled on top of each other it was an eyesore let alone embarrassing; having fair skin didn’t help.

Me @ 18

Me @ 18

Now at 25 I love water and my skin has come a long way because of it! I probably consume at least four 500 ml per day bottled water per day. Occasionally I’ll slip a vitamin water which contains about 180 calories but isn’t as sweet as soda or a artificially flavored juice. The ironic part about when I drink a soda, juice etc I have to almost immediately chase it with water or it’ll upset my stomach, weird right? I went online and did some research about water and how and why it affects our skin.
The human body contains 55- 78% water depending on your body size and water covers about 71% of the earths surface which means God is a fan of math :).
Naturally we excrete water each day from our bodies through sweating, feces and urination so we must replenish it daily to stay on an even keel. The best way to hydrate your skin according to the University of Wisconsin is to apply hydrating moisturizer within 2 minutes of leaving the shower or bath. There data shows that hydrating soon after bathing results in more absorption back into the skin which can help prevent wrinkles and dryness of the skin. Water gives life so give your life some water.
Genesis 1:9 (King James Version)
God spoke: “Separate!
Water-beneath-Heaven, gather into one place;
Land, appear!”
And there it was.
God named the land Earth.
He named the pooled water Ocean.
God saw that it was good.


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