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As of late the running theme between me and God is to WATCH WHAT YOU SAY *In my T.I. voice* because words have power. I have a very bad habit as it relates to my finances and my health at times to mindlessly say things like “my eczema” or things like “I can’t afford that” “That’s too expensive!” When you clearly have what you say!!! I am reprogramming myself to say what I want to see! Today I joined a discussion in a group on Facebook called Positioning for Purpose and one of the women (my fantabulous mentor and friend) was discussing how she called her kids what she wanted them to be so she would say things like “Obedient child please come here” in moments where they would be misbehaving. She was would just continuously speak life into them and it blessed me because it reminded me that I must do the same. While some of us may not have children yet we still have to be mindful to say what it is that we want to see and I’m not talking about manifestation from a worldly perspective. I’m talking about speaking God’s word back to Him! What did God say?? God called me a wife before I ever encountered my husband and to be clear I’m still not married but I’m going to keep speaking it into existence because that is something I desire to happen one day. God called me wealthy long before I was able to get a job because I’m His daughter and my Father owns everything you see! Whatever you see right now know that my Daddy was involved in the conception of that thing. I am creative because my Father is creative. I am chosen because my Father handpicked me. I am wise because my DADDY gives me insight. When you get the revelation of God’s word you walk differently!!

What is it that you need to change as it relates to your vocabulary? Write it down and post it up in front of you.

I’ll start:

I am a Kingdom Financer who will use her multi-business endeavors to advance God’s Kingdom. I am an excellent teacher who reaches people all around the world through my relatable breakdown of the scripture. I leave the people I encounter inspired and ready to change their life to align with who God has called and created them to be. I am THE BEST WIFE to my husband, and we not only do life together, but we use our marriage to minister to others by showing them what CHRIST LIKE LOVE looks like…and I could keep going and probably will later but WHAT DID GOD SAY TO YOU?

Get in His word and get in prayer and ask God to show you who you are if you don’t already know and SPEAK ONLY WHAT HE SAYS!

I’m telling you your life will change!

I love y’all!

Until Next Time!

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I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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