Hey loves,

I am super excited and nervous all in the same breath to introduce my thoughts about the world of fashion and really the world of retail. The big question is why start a blog?? LOL… I’ll give you the answer once I know, but seriously, it’s really to track this journey called LIFE as I try…NO as I pursue my DREAM of opening a clothing store. It is my PASSION, it is what I discovered  I LOVED, and it’s what I’m going after. Everyone has a dream but not everyone goes after it 100 fold. People get scared. I know I was at first thought. I was like God, seriously can I do this?? But then I started to think why can’t I do this? The more research I did, the more I realized and felt this was something I had to do.My favorite motto will always and forever be “where there is fear there is no faith where there is faith there is no fear” Pastor Michael A. Freeman. So, I’m going after it with everything I have in me and I hope whatever DREAM you have you pursue it to. Seriously, think about it why can’t you have what you want?? Why can’t you do whatever makes you happy? There’s no reason why you have to at least try…we are in a place of endless possibilities so go after yours!

So welcome to 4 the life of ME a place where we follow our DREAMS…

Ashley Lachea’



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