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Day 7- Do you believe in who you are?

I was talking to my bestie yesterday and we were conversing about how sometimes you do want to have to tell people who you are but for God to show them who you are. And I totally get that. I think often I have prayed the prayer and said God allow them to see what you have said about me! But one day God chin checked me so good. He said, “How do you expect them to see who you are when you don’t even see it?!” I was stuck and shook. What I began to explain to my friend is that as bad as we want sometimes for people to acknowledge who God has called us to be, it can’t be so. Why? Because then we would place our identity in the opinion of someone else and the foundation is faulty. WE have to know who we are regardless of who sees it or not. Some people choose not to see and that is why we can’t place our identity there. It has to be found in the word of God. 

I am finding that as God takes me into new places and spaces that there are cracks in my foundation and honestly that is a hard thing to admit. But I am grateful to have a circle around me who affirms who I am and honestly even in that I have to be careful. This SELF work is real and even my friends with great intentions can’t be my go-to in this season. It has to be GOD. I am called to so much more than what I see at the moment and to get to where God is taking me my trust has to fully be in Him and what He said. Today I found myself thinking about Joshua and the shoes he had to fill when he took over for Moses. Can you imagine taking over for someone who played such a huge roll in the destiny of the children of Israel? While I am not finished studying the story of Joshua something stood out to me as I was reading his story. In Exodus 17 Moses send Joshua to fight the Amalekites and they ultimately win. Now there is so much more to that story, but I don’t want to get into that right now. I’m solely interested in verse 14 for the point I am trying to make. Verse 14 says “Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and MAKE SURE that JOSHUA HEARS IT!” Why did Joshua need to hear this when he was the one who lead the battle in the first place. I can only think that it is because FAITH comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. God wanted Joshua to be able to recall on how he was WITH him this battle so that when he appointed him as leader in Duet and he had to take over in Joshua 1 that he would be able to recall on WHAT GOD HAD ALREADY DONE. 

The foundation is GOD! As you continue to move through life you have to REMEMBER and RECALL how GOD brought you out before and KNOW that He CAN and WILL do it AGAIN. God LOVES YOUR! He is not going to set you up to FAIL! BELIEVE what He says about you! BELIEVE HIM! If I’m not preaching to you I am preaching to myself. God DOES not LIE! I can’t recall a time He did not do what He said He was going to do! Now I may not have liked how a process went while I was in it but I’ve always came out better! I HAVE TO TRUST HIM REGARDLESS of what others have to say or believe. Other people’s opinions will no longer be a part of my foundation. IT CAN ONLY BE GOD. IT WILL ONLY BE GOD and I believe that this NOW AND NEXT SEASON will be more abundantly blessed than I or you could ever imagine. Trust GOD! It’s STILL GOING TO HAPPEN!

Until Tomorrow!

Love Always,

Ashley Lacheá

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