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Day 8- Godly Desire vs Distraction

There is a topic I am so eager to talk about but I really don’t have it all figured out yet so I will touch on it and then dig into it another time. I’ve been praying a lot lately about desire. I am always checking in with God to make sure that my desires are his desires and these days I am wondering if some of my desires are actually distractions. 

What is a healthy desire and how do I determine if it’s God or if it’s a distraction. Or if it’s me not properly placing a thing because of my desire? Help me explain God. One thing I learned about myself this week is that I fumbled the bag on ministering to a friend of mind because I was so convinced that one day, he would be my husband. I mean I had dreams about it and visions and everything. So, in a season where God specifically told me to be his friend, I was focused on showing him that I was the one. And real talk, if he was the one, there was nothing I needed to do to prove to him that I was his person. But after having a conversation with him one day about the things that he was battling and how he felt isolated and alone, I felt soooo convicted because what I should have been doing was showing him who God was, but I was so selfishly focused on what I wanted and upset because it wasn’t happening. 

All this proved to me was at that time I was not ready to be ANYBODY’s wife. So now I am asking God to show me how to navigate Godly Desire vs Distraction or Idolization. I never again want to be in a position where I miss God because I am too focused on what I want versus doing what God wants. 

That’s it! That’s the lesson for me. I am absolutely still working through this and studying this so if you have some wisdom in this area feel free to drop a comment and share. We are all about growing together here. 

Until Next Time!

I love y’all

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