100 Days of Blogging,  Reflection

Day 6- What has being afraid cost you?

Today I have been pondering about what fear has cost me. Can we talk about the things that you have not completed this year because you were afraid? Let’s take a look at Saul in the Bible, who by the way,  has become one of my favorite characters because of his flaws and how many lessons his life provides me. Since day one when Samuel told Saul that he was predestined to be king (1 Samuel 9:20-21), he was insecure about his calling.  His response was like naw, not me fam. My family ain’t even got it like that. *This is the Ashley Bondon translation* However this heart posture of not believing he was who God said he was cause him to move in fear of other people’s opinions. Which eventually caused him to forfeit his right as king. I never want to be in a position where I am forfeiting my purpose and my calling because I’m afraid. I also don’t want to lose out on life because I’m afraid of what other people will say or think as it relates to what I feel like God has called me to.  I just don’t want to be afraid to go after my dreams. So, a part of these 100 days is about me conquering my fears. It is about me walking in all of myself and moving in the boldness of God and being courageous in my decisions.  I want to… am determined to move afraid. 

What does that look like? 

It looks like getting on these dating apps and going on dates. (And this topic we will definitely go into further later because chiiiile!) Let me just say that dating is not raggedy, but it is not for the faint at heart. You really need to know who you are, what you want, and the boundaries that you need to set in order for you to walk away with what you believe God has for you. Moving on. It also looks like me putting on events that God has dropped in my spirit. It looks like me going to the gym. It looks like me blogging for a hundred days with no idea as to how this is going to change a thing. It looks like me being honest with God about my fears so that He does not change a situation but prepare me for a situation because that is who He is. When Joshua had to take over for Moses in leading the people into the promise land, he told him to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS. (Joshua 1)  But he also repeatedly said I AM WITH YOU! You will not do this alone, but you will have to do it afraid. That is what courage looks like, doing things despite how you feel.

So, my promise to myself and God is, I will do it afraid. On the other side of my comfort is everything that I desire. On the other side of through is everything I have been praying for and if I believe that God will make all things work together for my good than I have to believe that he won’t drop me, and he won’t fail me. You can do whatever God has placed in your heart to do. You have everything you need already. BELIEVE IT! God will not drop you! Because God cannot fail, you cannot either. Now this does not mean there won’t be oppositions, but it means despite those oppositions you will WIN anyway. God will show you how to pivot, he will build your character. He will SHOW YOU who YOU TRULY ARE. Embrace it, endure it, and conquer it! You were born to win.

Until Tomorrow!

I love you always!

Ashley Lacheá

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