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Day 10- Intimacy with God

When I started to talk about intimacy with God yesterday it made me think about when I taught a class on it as a part of my Single’s Cohort a while back. I saw this clip and if I find it I will insert it here. Where the rapper KB was talking about how we don’t really understand what it really means to be intimate with another person or even with God because it requires a level of vulnerability that we are not always ready to present. 

To worship God and tap into his presence requires honesty and vulnerability. I am willing to be this in my private time or around a select group of people but if I am being transparent being this at church is sometimes a challenge for me. I am probably one of the very few who do not like alter calls and it takes sooo much of my energy to go down there and just be present with God. I think about way too much and I know that the focus should be God but it doesn’t always work out like that. One of the things I’ve been working on this year is divorcing myself from the opinions of others because I really be thinking about what others are thinking when honestly, they should be focused on themselves and God the same way I should be focused on myself and God. There is a certain freedom that we have access to when we learn to be vulnerable before God in whatever atmosphere. But also, that level of intimacy with God is worth it because the God I serve talks about how He will hide you underneath his wing and how he won’t leave you and how he will comfort you. You have to trust God in whatever atmosphere you find yourself in. But also, your life is a LIVING Testimony to someone. Who is missing out because I am too focused on what other people are thinking or whatever to not fall on my face at the feet of God. My worship, my vulnerability could help someone else the way that other people’s worship and vulnerability with God has helped me. 

So, what does that look like for me. Praying daily, I make time for God. It is a part of my routine and I make time for his word. You cannot be vulnerable with someone you don’t know. To know him is to know his word and his word is alive and transforming for the ones who are willing to receive it. I also believe that your circle matters. Why? Because you should have people who push you closer to God instead of pulling you away. My circle has pushed me into a level of intimacy with God that I never thought was possible. Remember yesterday I didn’t want to be saved until I was 80. We pray together, we study together, we speak life into one another, and we hold each accountable. There is not returning to the days of old with them. God wants to be fully apart of your life, but he is a gentleman, and he won’t force a relationship with you but he will patient with you. 

 We are about to walk into a new year, and I think you would walk into the new year with God at the center. We like to level up in so many other things but leveling up in God transforms every part of your life. 

This probably should have been a video because I have so much more to say on this subject but I’m going to leave you guys here. 

Until Tomorrow!

I love you all!

Ashley Lacheá

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