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Day 9- The Love of God

Annnd we back! I thought I was going to be able to hit you all with a Christmas post but it didn’t happen and I gave myself grace for that! I pray that you all had amazing holiday and that your heart was filled with joy. 

I know this week I will be focused on relationships. So today I wanted to dive into my relationship with God.  When I first was introduced to God, I think I looked at him as some supreme thing that I had to know about but not necessarily have this relationship with. I remember when I was walking through the hallway in high school to go to my next class and I was thinking about God and salvation. I told myself that I wouldn’t truly be saved until I turned 80 because I wanted to enjoy my life but also go to heaven. But it was something about attending a church and seeing people talk about God a way that made him seem real. They spoke about him in such an intimate way, and it made me want to see what I was missing because how they lived their life ministered to me. 

I read a Bible plan today that was called “Why am I still Single?” Because the real talk I be asking God what else I got to do? And yes, I whined when I ask the question because SIR!  Day 1 GATHERED me together though and reminded me again why God is my number 1. It said, “when you have a source of life, you are a source of life; but when you are disconnected from your source of life, there’s a good chance you’ll suck the life out of someone else.”   God’s love will give you everything you need and if you allow him to fill you up. As my friends would say “He’ll keep you if you want to be kept!” Because if we are honest about our selfish desire is really a void that we need God to fill, and it should be filled before we bleed on someone else. I want to be a person who adds to the people around me, but I can only do that if I stay connected to the vine. You can only do that if you stay connected to the vine. Everything we need is found in him and before we continue to embark in building relationships.  we must first make sure our relationship with the father is my ultimate priority.  

I can’t even begin to explain how I grew in my intimacy with God. He has been EVERYTHING TO ME this year. He has never left myside and I don’t have the words to formulate my gratitude. I need you know there is a difference in knowing of God and KNOWING Him! When you KNOW Him there is nothing anyone can do to change your mind about it. No one can convince me that God does not love me and because He loves me without conditions there is nothing, I wouldn’t do for him. 

Let God take his time with you and show you who He is! Be vulnerable with the one who knows it all anyway! He loves you and all He needs is a chance to show you. I could go on and I may dive deeper into intimacy tomorrow but 

Until Tomorrow

I love you always!

Ashley Lacheá

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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