100 Days of Blogging

Day 1- Consistently Inconsistent

For people who have known me for most of my life the battle with weight loss has always been a thing for me. When I first moved to the east coast with my mom, I dropped a tremendous amount of weight with what seem to be no effort on my part. Just a lifestyle change. My mom has always been about taking care of your body. So, there was a huge difference between what I ate with her and what I ate when living in Indiana. In addition to changing what I ate the high school I attended required another year of physical fitness and I also somehow found myself on the dance team. All these things combined caused my weight to drop. However, how I saw myself never changed. I constantly looked in the mirror and saw that I was this overweight little girl who would never be attractive. Now SIS this was a LIE! I never had issues with attracting men and I am STILL FINE today! However, I HAVE to take control of my health for the places that God is taking me. I must become a healthier version of myself in order for me to LIVE the life I have always been destined to live. So, the first thing I am dealing with is consistency! God gave me instructions to just exercise 10 mins a day. 

 I know I know…some of you are like Girl that ain’t gone do NOTHING! But baby what it is doing is making me consistent and I have to be disciplined enough daily to remain consistent in the things that I don’t always want to do.  What I cannot do is allow pride to get in the way of the process God is taking me through. He never said that I had that I had to do just 10 mins forever, but I need my mind to get into the habit of exercising daily. And let me be transparent, I heard God when He said 10 mins and I took it as a suggestion, and I went on and was trying to do 30-40 min workouts a day and ask me how that went? I was inconsistent!! On my birthday I wanted to kick it off with a workout and I found a 20min workout routine and as I began to workout God was like I told you 10 mins and I laughed and said okay. Who am I to argue with God? How can I say He is Alpha and Omega and then disobey because of my own PRIDE and 10 mins it has been. I want to get to a place to where my day doesn’t feel right because I haven’t worked out yet because exercise has become a part of my lifestyle. I lost that weight in high school because my LIFESTYLE changed. I wasn’t dieting or doing anything extra. I got exposed to a different environment and had to adapt to a new daily routine and because it became a lifestyle. It was easy for the weight to fall off.

What am I saying here. There are some of us who have been stuck where we don’t want to be because our day-to-day habits have not put us in the position to have the life we desire. We simply are ignoring or putting off the instructions of God which is disobedience no matter the way you slice it. In Deuteronomy 28 it talks about how all blessings will flow to you if you obey. Some of us have been missing out on what God wants to do in our lives because of our disobedience.  So how you gone act? <That was so ghetto but that’s me LOL No but really how are you going to respond to God’s commands? We can’t allow fear, laziness, or other’s people’s opinions to hold us hostage anymore. It’s time to go after God and purpose relentlessly!

Until Tomorrow!

Love Always,

Ashley Lacheá

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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