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Woman Evolved Conference Recap!

This time last week I was at the amazing Woman Evolve Conference hosted by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, and I had to just share my thoughts and experiences from last weekend!! It was amazing! It really was everything I needed and then some. Up until this point, I truly had been kind of burnt out on empowerment conferences especially the ones that were targeted towards women. I felt like the same message was given over and over and I really just need to apply what I already knew and stop playin! I literally told myself I wasn’t going to another thing unless I heard from Holy Spirit that this was the one and clearly GOD KNEW I needed to be at a Woman Evolved event.

I attended this conference for the first time with my sister, Erin, and my good friend, Nika. Now, this was Nika’s third conference so at this point I felt like she was a veteran to the delegation Lol. If you are not familiar with Pastor Sarah’s following, we are called The Delegation chile! It was great to go with people I knew but from my experience there I could have gone by myself and been just as good because EVERY single person I encountered was SUPER nice. I mean just down to earth! It was GREAT!

I think that was one of the things that impressed me the most was how NICE everyone was. Now the messages were FIRE but the biggest takeaway for me was “SHOOT YOUR SHOT”. Now, this was not a lesson that she verbally taught but I saw with my own eyes what it looked like when you step out on FAITH.

THAT IS ALL GOD IS ASKING US TO DO. I watched several people come up to the microphone where there was supposed be questioning and they gave their testimony and plugged their business and GOD MOVED. What do I mean? There was a girl there who God told her to make Pastor Sarah some clothes and make some T-shirts and bring it to the conference. She got to that mic and was so afraid that she started crying. The delegation encouraged heard and sat patiently as she got her testimony out and she presented this box of clothes to Pastor Sarah and chiiiillllee when I say GOD MOVED. HE MOVED!! Pastor Sarah came down and open her box in front of everyone so that everyone could see, and she then proceeded to give her a table in the vendor’s section so she could sell the T-shirts she bought!!! Now you might be reading this and thinking this is small but if you are a business owner and you sell products you know that it cost you to vend at an event!! SHE GOT TO VEND AT THIS EVENT FOR FREE AND SHE SOLD OUT OF HER SHIRTS!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?? SHE SOLD OUT!!!! All because she didn’t let fear get in the way of what GOD told her to do. This was not the only outcome that came out like this. I watched several women get blessed because they OBEYED! Because they were in the right place at the right time. POSITIONED FOR PURPOSE!

What am I telling you! Don’t let fear keep you from being positioned where God needs you! Don’t let fear keep you from moving on the idea that God has given you! Don’t QUIT! You still have a month and a half to DO WHATEVER GOD HAS LAID ON YOUR HEART! DO IT! SHOOT YOUR SHOT! Do not ride the bench any longer!! You were meant to be a starting five player! LISTEN, ya girl is SERIOUS about not letting ANYTHING NOR ANYONE get in the way of what GOD PROMISED




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