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Money Trauma

I just realized that I’m traumatized by money.

This ‘bout to be a real transparent conversation for me at least! I believe we have gotten to a place where we are beginning to talk about money and financial literacy more and how important they both are. But have we talked about the trauma associated with money? Hear me out…how does your body respond when certain people who always ask you for money call? Or, when your parents are going through a financial hardship and you feel the pressure or obligation to help because you make the most money and the deems you to be the “successful one”. Meanwhile, you are trying to keep your head about water with the number of bills and the debt you may have collected in your early years because nobody made it clear that you have to pay back the money you spend on the credit card sis. LOL Or, if money gets low to a certain point in your account you immediately can break out into a small panic because immediately your mind is like “you about to be broke sis!” Just me? LOL Oh Okay! No, but for real like the topic of money has brought me anxiety, fear, and worry because I have literally been trying to keep it together and this morning, I realized that money has traumatized me and your reasons may be different from mine but nevertheless there is trauma.

What I realized while praying for supernatural debt cancellation and asking God for a financial blessing is that I really needed to be praying that he heals me from the pressure of believing that I have the responsibility to take care of everyone. I needed to pray that he directs me to programs and tools that will help me change my mindset as it relates to money and how I manage it. I think that we like the miracles to take place in our finances but what difference would it make if you are not educated on how to maintain the blessing. Do you know how to steward the promise you are praying for?

That’s my prayer and that’s what I am moving toward. Not just learning financial literacy because I have taken all the classes and I do a budget every month. I literally need to unlearn the mindset that was associated with money growing up. Working to just GET BY or work to help other people. Why are we so quick to invest, save, rescue others but so slow to take care of ourselves? I have been listening to Pastor Shun Strickland talk about this very thing all week because she teaches an amazing class (SoulShift Your Money Master Class) on this very thing. She talks about how we need to have a SOUL SHIFT as it relates to our money and it resonated so much with me. I refuse to live 2021 the same way. NO MA’AM! I have made a decision! And YOU have to make a decision. Your issue may not be money but how LONG will you sit by and wait for things to CHANGE in your life! When will you DECIDE that you are important enough to START today! Change RIGHT NOW!

God did not create us to live a MEDIOCRE lifestyle!!  You deserve better! I deserve better because God is not just a GET-BY type of God. My bible says EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY above all you can ask or think. (Eph 3:20) It also says that “My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory.” (Phil 4:19) Emphasis on “His RICHES in Glory” GOD OWNS EVERYTHING!!! His supply hits different OKAY!

I need you to know that where you are is not where you will always be!  HE HAS CALLED YOU TO GREATER!! So, I came to encourage you as I encourage myself to prepare for what you are praying for! MOVE!! TODAY!! God is going to bless you but we have to be ready so we can steward the blessing well!

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