Taking L’s

Today was…well now yesterday, was an amazing achievement in America. The FIRST black woman in the white house, Vice President Kamala Harris! I love to see it! AND I KNOW YOU ALL SAW MICHELLE IN THIS PANTS SUIT!!! Her and President Obama did not come to play today!!! Also, shout out to the man who was cleaning the podium today! You are the real MVP! Lol

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Okay, I had to get that out of the way before I entered into my topic for today. I was trying to go to sleep when I reflected on something that God taught me today. His timing is perfect. Sunday Apostle Matthew Stevenson taught a lesson called “Death to Deadlines”. It really struck a nerve in me because we literally develop anxiety from not having something accomplished within a given timeline that we gave ourselves or allowed society to place on us. I remember being a teenager and thinking that I would be Married by 25 and like everything would just fall into place. I wanted and still do want 2 boys and a girl. BUT NOW I AM 34. I say that like it’s really old age and it’s not, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wanted to be further along in every area of my life than I am currently right now.

God showed me today that my efforts to push something forward don’t matter. He will never give me something before it’s ready. He will never give me anything prematurely because he loves me too much to do that to me. He loves me too much to allow me to have something that could be potentially detrimental to me or I to it and so I have to wait. I have to trust God with ALL of it. We say that God can have it all and we will withhold nothing from him, but can you submit your calendar?

When I say this is a challenge for me!!! It is a legit challenge and I really have to pray about God elevating my trust in him. I think when we read the bible, we don’t give weight to the time people had to wait for things. Like David didn’t immediately become King after God revealed it to him. Abraham and Sara had to WAIT on the son, and we see what premature actions got them. The son that Abraham had with Hagar, he had to send him away because God NEVER told him that he was going to bless him in that way. A lot of times we get a word and like to act on things prematurely or before God gives a full understanding of what that word really even meant.

I was humbled today. It sucked but I learned. The old me would wallow in self-pity the new me takes this L (LESSON) and will press forward because GOD HAS MORE FOR ME. I know that he does and I cannot afford to stay here!

I pray that this resonated in some way. If so, drop a comment below. Share with someone who needs to know that God’s timing is perfect and IT’S STILL GOING TO HAPPEN. Just not in the way you thought it was! You control nothing! He controls everything. Just TRUST HIM! <<You develop your trust and faith and him through the time spent with Him! Make time for God to show you who He is! His character is consistent, but His methods are new every day!

Okay I’m gone for real! It’s legit 1:24am. I should be sleep but I owed y’all this post!

Love you!

Until Next Time!

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