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It’s Wednesday guys..I am still working through what my post schedule is going to look like but one thing I promised myself I would be is consistent. So here I am on my lunch break in the middle of training for my CDFM writing….So last week I shared with you all my battle with the idea of having Jesus and Love Jones in the same space and this week, I struggle with the idea of what I deserve. I have some really dope and amazing friends. Shout out to you and we all have been discussing what does this next phase of our lives and what that will look like. We seriously cannot focus our energy on what’s going on around us because if we did, we would really believe that we were back in the hunger games and looking around to see who chose us to sacrifice as tribute.

Looking to God is my only option and is the best choice. Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of time to sit in solitude and allow God his room and space to speak. While others are turning down their plates to commune with God, I knew personally I had to turn down the noise. Which meant for me, no TV and no Social Media. I can hear you all gasping as you read this. Chill sis lol It’s okay. It literally provides me the opportunity to do things like this and not distract myself from things I know I should be doing but hate. For example, cleaning out my closet or exercising or discipline. More importantly, I give God the room and space that he deserves and the quietness I need in order for me to draw near to him.

What I’ve discovered in this past year is that life without the presence of God is unbearable. While living for God by far is not easy nor is it comfortable it is truly the best decision I’ve EVER made. I need God the same way I need oxygen to breathe. So, what is the point of today’s post…. Let Him in.

God is such a gentleman that he won’t come in your space unless invited and 4 the life of ME (you like that plug LOL, Me Too) I cannot understand why you would want to do life without Him. Some of us are scared to allow God in this intimate space because we don’t want to own the truth about who we are and so we would rather pretend to be okay then actually be OKAY. Dr. Khaalida Forbes said “People would rather stay in familiar bondage than to do the work to experience unfamiliar freedom.” I will NEVER forget that quote because it resonated with me so much. We can’t afford to live in our comfort any longer when we can benefit not only ourselves but the people who are connected an assigned to us by living outside our comfort zone.

This year let’s do the work! Let’s stay consistent. Let’s not just have resolutions or goals but really have lifestyle changes that put us in the position to not only help ourselves but reach back and help others.

Until next Time!

 Ashley Lachea’

One More Thing: One of my dope friends I was telling you about just launched her podcast today. It’s called Tainted Identity. It will absolutely bless you! Click the link and check her out! Congratulation Friend! The best is yet to come!

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