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Day 12- Take the Pressure off!

Happy new year! 

So, I know it’s the first day of the new year and my post today is probably going to be very opposite of everybody who has been posting about vision boarding, planning, praying and all of these things all amazing things. However, I am here to tell you to take the pressure off yourself today. On the first day of the new year, you know what I’m doing? Nothing. I am literally resting, and I am going to take the time to journal, listen and hear from God and then just chill. Do not, and I say this with love, do not allow Tik Tok culture or people or even the church for that matter to pressure you into like feeling like the beginning of January you got to have your whole entire life together! You should be praying and listening to God about what this year is going to look like but what you need to do but if you don’t know yet and haven’t heard just yet IT’S OKAY!!! God has been speaking to me about 2023 since August of last year and he has given me some insight as to what this year is going to look like. But Strategy??? All I know is I’m blogging for 100 days and exercising daily for 10 mins. But specific instructions as relates to how all this other stuff I see and hear is going to get done. I have NO CLUE! I know it’s a business year for me and I will be in the Market Place, but I’ll keep y’all posted on what that looks like when God tells me. LOL

Last year, I tried my best to write down goals as far as business was concerned and just really dive into it because I felt like that was what I should be continuing to do because the year prior I was handling business so strongly. I had so many different photo shoots that I styled and coordinated that year. I launched a podcast and was really in grind mode in 2021.  I had so many business endeavors going on and it looked up for me! So, in January when I was trying to pick that stuff back up after the holiday it was so hard, and I could not figure out why. I thought it was me. I thought I was the problem. I thought I had the issues and what I come to discover, is that God was like that is not even what I’m having you focus on. I went through process last year! Spiritual, mental, and physical process that was showing me things about myself that I needed to deal with, to prepare me for whatever He had coming from me in this next up and coming season. So, I was on my face before God I was battling how to not go back into a place of depression. I was battling identity and being solidified in myself without having somebody else tell me who I am. I had to stand on what God was saying and not care about anybody else’s opinion. I had to go through spiritual growth studying the word from a pure place and from a different place. I also had to learn how to just be present and intimate with God at a higher level and allow Him to lead me in a different way. It was different! 

 All that to say, it’s OKAY if you don’t know what you’re about to do this year right now in this very moment. PRAY!  Take the time to pray and sit before God. We always talk about Habakkuk 2:2 and I teach this in my vision class, we always talk about her Habakkuk 2:2, to write the vision and make it plain but we never go back and look at Habakkuk 2:1 or chapter one for that matter.  In the first chapter, Habakkuk is going to God and asking what is going on why is this happening and what to do. But then in the first verse of Chapter 2 he basically says okay God, I am going to stand here on this watch tower and wait for you to speak and give instructions. Which speaks to the FAITH he had in the fact that God heard him, and he EXPECTS God to answer. It does not give a timeline on how long he stood and waited for God to answer him, but he knew it was coming.  So what am I telling you? Take the pressure off of yourself! Don’t be anxious this week trying to figure out what you are going to do or looking at everybody else as they are planning and doing vision boards. It’s great! I love it all! I have a vision board class that I am about to host myself so please hear my heart when in this. I’m not telling you to not do it, what I am telling you to do is sit and seek the face of God first so that we don’t find ourselves in a place chasing after things and in the middle of it God throwing a flag on the play because He never gave you that instruction in the first place. You’ll find yourself struggling to try to do things that’s not even for you in this season! My recommendation, REST! Rest in God’s presence and take the time to seek his face! Take the time to hear from him and then go to work because going to work tells God I trust you; I believe you, and I’m ready!

 Until tomorrow!

 I love y’all

Ashley Lacheá

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