What I’m Learning in This Single Season

Let’s get into these single chronicles…. So I’ve been single since Jesus was a baby and you know what? That is okay. LOL  I claim no relationship before now because THEM NINJAs ain’t here. But in this season of my life, I am starting to uncover trauma that I have not let go of from previous situations.

One of them being FEAR. As bad as I may have wanted to jump out there and start dating just to see what this process would be like. I was not as open to the process as I thought I was. I was putting limits on everything. Even things that didn’t need limits. I am the girl who just feels like her husband will be dropped on the doorstep. Like God was gone be like POOF!!! Here he is!!! This 6’1, Chocolate, Bearded, Beautiful dream you asked for. He love’s God, he likes long walks on the beach, and the man can throw DOWN on the grill! *side bar> I don’t know why the grill thing is a thing for me but it is!! LOL* Okay we back! SIS GOD NOT DOING THIS!! There is effort required on our parts!

However, sometimes that effort is not even remotely about you getting dressed and going out on the prowl for a date. I’m learning the big work that I needed to do was just self-care for me. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO is be mentally and emotionally healthy before jumping into the dating scene. So here I am doing this work. This particular summer my journey has led me to make a decision to HAVE FUN. That seems like such a small concept but sometimes I think we forget how much laughter and joy is a necessary part of the journey. What makes you happy? That’s what I’m discovering for myself right now. What do I do for myself that makes me overwhelmed with joy because it will not be my spouse’s responsibility to make me happy? However, he definitely should contribute to that.

What makes me feel sexy? This was a big topic amongst me and my friends because I had to ask myself what does that even mean to me? What does that look like? If I’m honest with y’all I am still seeking out to answer that. All I know is, that when the opportunity finally presents itself for me to spend the rest of my life with this MAN that God preordained for me, and I don’t want any of ME getting in the way.

Also, on the flip side of this, I just want to continue to enjoy my single life because BABY it is A GREAT SEASON TO BE IN! I truly just want to enjoy this season that I am in and create memories with my friends. Do HOT GIRL THINGS with my HOT GIRLFRIENDS lol one of my friends is going to snatch me up LOL. I love you, sis! She keeps me accountable. I’m gone have a HOLY HOT GIRL SUMMER, FALL and WINTER! LOL What does that even look like? Follow me on the gram and I’ll keep you posted of my shenanigans with all my beautiful friends!

Until Next Time My Loves

Ashley Lachea’

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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