Purpose Continued…

Promise- an expressed assurance on which expectation is based.

I think a lot about God’s promises and last night I was wondering why it’s so hard at times to believe them. For me I don’t believe it has anything to do with God’s character because He is good and has been nothing but good to me.

And maybe it’s not that I don’t even not believe in the promise itself but maybe it is the timing of it all that get’s me discourage or the HOW? Because some of the things that God has called me into has me looking at Him with the side eye. 

I know that this is true because I’m still working on shifting my mindset to believe what He says about me. I think it would be such a different process if I just got fully on board with who has called me to be.

Even now in writing this blog, I’m like who gone read this? It’s you! LOL You who are reading it right now. I’m reminded of a quote from Patrice Washington where she stated, “An audience of one is still an audience.” I have to remind myself that regardless of the fears that try to weigh down on me, I have purpose.

I am called to this, and it requires me to push those toxic thoughts out of my mind every day. That is why the bible says in Romans 12:2 “Renewing your mind daily”. It is a constant battle to manifest into who God preordained for you to be.

With that being said, there will be a shift in these posts. I really want to present you all with content that challenges and inspires you mentally but also transforms people from the inside out. I literally have been holding back content out of fear but that will change.  You will see me start to incorporate more fashion and I also have another project that I am working on that will allow you to see more of me. I am excited! I am terrified but I am also too terrified not to try.

Have you ever been in that space where you are fearful of taking steps into an uncomfortable space but fearful of not moving because you are afraid you will miss out on your calling? That is where I have been, and I choose to PUSH! I made a decision that standing still is not an option.

I heard on this guest on Rebel’s Podcast recently say

“Dropping the ball doesn’t make me a failure! I am  brave because I choose to get back up again and keep going!”

It’s okay if you let fear put you on pause for a second or you let things get you distracted. Acknowledge it and MOVE FORWARD. Pick it back up because we have things to do! Purpose to chase!

It’s calling! You better answer!

Until next time Loves!

Ashley Lachea’

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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