His Plans vs My Plans

You know how you pray and ask God for stuff and then when he answer you, you turn around and question what he said? That was me this week and it’s not even because I don’t know his voice it’s just that sometimes He just say stuff that I don’t be feeling.

All week I’ve been praying about God revealing to me how I need to organize my day and what my daily routine should look like and then boom…yesterday he gave me some instructions to get up at 6 am and exercise. I said whoa whoa whoa, God we already work out though. Like as long as I get it done! There is no need to be this drastic. I know I asked you to help me tweak my routine but not like this! LOL Now how do we ask GOD, The Great I Am, All-Knowing, for assistance and then be bothered by what he gives us. He said it again “Get up at 6 am and workout!”

So, this morning when my alarm went off at 6 am, I got up.  I worked out this morning for about 40 mins.  When I say I was super proud of myself?! I was HYPE! I felt good. I said OKAY LORD!! You know what to do, don’t you!!? I joke but honestly why do we ask God for instruction if we are not going to trust or put value into what he says. Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans that I have for you! Plans to prosper you! Plans of good and not evil. He already has the blueprint for what you next will look like! You think he don’t know what you need to do to be prepared for what’s to come?

I will not miss out on ANYTHING that God has for me! NOT ONE THING! I want all of my stuff and I want to die EMPTY! God created me and YOU for such a time as this! There is something on the inside of you that someone else needs! NO MORE DELAYS!! YOU CAN DO THIS! No more wasting time! It’s time to submit to God’s plan for your life.

GOD WON’T FAIL YOU!! And if you don’t know what his purpose or plan is for your life is, Ask Him. He will answer you! I promise!

I would encourage you to check out Pastor Mike Todd’s Anchor Series! It’s been blessing me. Specifically, the 2nd part of the series where he talks about hearing the voice of God because I know that that can be a struggle for some but I’m telling once you tap into his presence your life will be forever changed.

I will link the YouTube video for Pastor Mike Todd here.

But if you have questions or prayer request feel free to email me at chozenbyme@gmail.com

I love y’all! I believe in y’all!

Until next Time!

Ashley Lachea’

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