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100 Days of Blogging

Day 16- Integrity

I’m thinking about what it means to live honorably and with integrity. And when you are tried to the fire, and no one is looking what are you going to do. I was tested today and LISTEN my flesh was like GIRL who gone check you! But I was reminded of a story I read in the bible about Uzzah. (2 Samuel 6) Uzzah was the son of Abinabab and him and his brother, Ahio were responsible for rolling the Ark of Covenant to the house of Abinadab. And it was there that King David, and everyone celebrated. They played music and everything but then the oxen knocked it over and Uzzah reached out to catch the ark and God struck him dead. Now when I first read this, I was like God WHY YOU KILL THIS MAN? He ain’t do nothing bad? So, I studied a little further and what I learned was first of all, the ark should have never been in a cart. It was supposed to be carried and then it was said by God to never touch the ark because you would die in doing so. God put these guild lines in place…this process…these boundaries…parameters for a reason. And they just got to a point where they lost sight of what the MAIN THING was. Which was God. It seemed noble what they were doing but was this whole debacle about GOD really? 

Now I know you asking me what does that have to do with integrity? It made me think about the fact that if God was struck this man dead for an act that was of good intentions? Good doesn’t always equal God and in that situation one of the commentaries talked about how King David never sought God out on whether or not he wanted him to do that. David was angry with God when he struck Uzzah down because he felt like it canceled out the whole reason, he did it, which was for people to experience the presence of God. They experienced God just not in the way that was expected and that’s really the reality of our life. 

Sometimes in process…honestly most times in process we experience God no in the way that we want to but in a way that will grow us up and that doesn’t always feel good at the time. But we always come out better. We always come out wiser. We always come out stronger. We must keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING and that’s Jesus. God is the center. It is easy to be tempted to go against what is God for what LOOKs good and then turn around and try to pretend it’s God until all hell breaks loose. But I trully believe that God is calling us deeper in this season. 

We often pray to go higher but in order to do that we have to deeper. HOLINESS is still right and God is calling us to the carpet as it relates to our decisions. Who are you going to choose? Are you going to sway to the side that seems right or TRUST GOD even when you don’t understand? No one ever claimed that this walk with God would be easy but it for sure is worth it.

I love you!

Until Tomorrow!

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