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Day 3-Facing Your Insecurities is UGLY

You know what’s funny about this journey I am on? Is the fact that I really thought some of the issues God has been confronting me with were under control. In my mind I was solid in a few areas but as God continues to take me to new levels, I am finding that the work is really continuous but the BEAUTY in this is that I have been built to NOT QUIT. At Friday night’s revival the Pastor said, “It may have made me cry but it did not make me quit!” When I say that that thang touches me in a DEEP place. It’s my real life. So, let’s get into it. INSECURITY!

I looked up the definition of Insecure and it said, “not firmly fixed, liable to give way ore break; not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” The first part of this definition got me because it immediately made me thing about FAITH. Without FAITH it’s impossible to please God. It’s the currency needed in order to engage God because how can you talk to a God that you don’t even believe in. EVERYTHING is done by and through FAITH. Constantly in the bible we hear the phrase “according to your faith”. So, this insecurity that we feel means that there is a crack in the foundation of our faith. We are putting are faith in the wrong thing. 

When I started this bible plan for Killing Comparison, I did not realize it was going to take me on a journey. Facing insecurity is ugly! Because you have to face it in a way that does not point the finger because if we are being honest with ourselves the insecurity is about you more than it is about what someone did or said. When we put our faith and trust in God then and only then will the opinions of others become ineffective. Because really the way people’s word’s affect you at times really reveal how you already feel about you. In this season we are not taking ownership of other people’s opinions. We are planting our feet firmly in what GOD SAID. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by THE WORD OF GOD! (Rom 10:17) Your time with God is essential! Especially when the enemy is after your identity! 

What does that look like for me? Being honest with myself and God about the things that make me insecure. Then praying to God to deliver me in those areas. Confiding into a FRIEND who will pray for me and with me and won’t let me quit. Using God’s word to create declarations for the areas where I fall short and staying committed to this process. It will not happen overnight, but I WON’T quit on myself! If you find yourself in this same space do the work! Pray and ask God to show you YOU. Be honest and let’s become great together. 

I love y’all!

Until Tomorrow

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