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Potential is not Promise!!

As I was sitting on the phone with my sis and discussing how God has moved in her life, she said something that was so good to my soul. She said, “Potential is not Promise”. This was so good to me because while we run around saying things like “The Promises of God are YES and AMEN!” and INDEED they are. There is a role that we must play that I think we often forget. We must agree with what God said about us and it’s not enough to just agree but then we are required to use our faith to make that thing come to pass. Or is that if we truly agree and believe then it would be reflected in how we live our life. It would be reflected in our actions! It’s not enough for you to believe that you can drive a car for you to actually drive. You have some things you need to learn and do before you get behind the wheel. Because when you truly believe you start taking drivers education so that you can learn how to navigate the car and the laws that are necessary for you to be on the road. You then go take the test so you can get your license because you have FAITH that you can drive a car and so now you are DOING all the necessary work for you to DRIVE like you see yourself doing. Now this seems really simple because if we are honest, I’m not sure how many people put God in the process of them learning how to drive a car. A lot of us probably relied on our own ability and didn’t even realize that this simple example is what walking in FAITH looks like. 

So, what are you believing GOD for right now? What is the potential that people see in you that you have a hard time seeing in yourself? There are so many gifts that God has placed in us that we haven’t told people about OR we don’t see it as a gift until somebody pointed it out to us and it was because it was something that came very natural to us. Other times it was perspective. We saw the gift that God gave us as something so simple that anyone could do it. But the truth is NO ONE IS LIKE YOU, and it doesn’t matter who else is filling this space it’s still a vacancy for you! We cannot focus on who is doing it or who else may be doing it better, but we HAVE to TRUST what GOD said. Truthfully, you, like me have been using your gift for others for a very long time now and it’s time to stop hiding. It’s time for you to stop dimming your light because you are afraid. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO THINK WELL OF YOU! GOD DOES!

I feel like I say this in EVERY POST, but I say it because I KNOW THAT IT’S TRUE…GOD CREATED YOU FOR THIS TIME! Your time is now! He created you on purpose with purpose! However, it is up to you to MAXIMIZE the time that God has given you. God is gracious enough to let you decide but he also gives you the answer to the test! He tells you to CHOOSE LIFE! Your potential is not PROMISE. You have to CHOOSE IT! You have to CHOOSE GOD! Stop SETTLING! 


Trust it! Pursue it! And Win


Until Next Time

Ashley Lacheá

I'm just a girl who is passionate about her vision and seeing others succeed. I love fashion! I love life! I love ME! and most importantly I LOVE GOD!! Just come along for this journey with M.E. I will absoulutely, positively be FUN!

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