Maybelline’s Master Duo (Review)

I’ve returned to report my take on the post “About Face”. This week I wanted to spotlight Maybelline’s Master Duo 2 in 1 liquid liner.

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So of course I went to my favorite 1 stop spot Walmart to purchase this product. Unfortunately they only had the “Bronzed Shimmer” in stock instead of the “Black Lacquer” :(. My personal preference in liners is the blackest black possible, however to my surprise this “Bronzed Shimmer” actually looked nice on skin. Now the advertisements in my eyes are a little misleading because I was under the impression that the applicator when twisted turned from a “thick tip” into a “thin tip.” Negative, the tip is dual so YOU have to turn the applicator @ a 90 degree angle to achieve “thick” or “thin” liner. So I felt like I was cheated out of my $$ but Maybelline redeemed themselves after I applied it to my face; it does’t smudge, dries in about 2 minutes, and the color is rich with pigmentation. Now to achieve the “thick liner” I did have to go over my line twice. The real question: would I recommend this product to you?? Yes! Even though I was tricked on the actual mechanics of the applicator I love the fact that the liner dries fast and doesn’t look dried out is worth the money.

Take a look for yourself…..

"Thick tip"
“Thick Tip”

Thick Tip
Thick Tip

Thin Tip
Thin Tip

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