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I have to honor and pleasure of sharing with you all the new addition to #4TheLifeOfME, my bestie and Make-up and Nail GURU Mickey A.K.A Mic_Sweetness A.K.A Mic_Sugga A.K.A Don’t believe me JUST WATCH (lol)!!! She did my make up in the pictures of the previous post…She also took and edited the pictures!! Yea my boo got TALENT! She will be sharing with you all every Wed about the latest Nail trend, Make-up and Sparkle! All the things she loves!

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Picture7  Omjeezzz!  My first blog post feature (hits tootsie roll and high 5’s Jesus)  *Ahemmm* Now first I want to thank my CEO/BFF Ms. Ashley Bondon for allowing me to be a part of this company as well as bestowing me with the honor of being her Creative Director (or as I nicknamed it the “C-Dizzle”). 

        Each week I’ll be sharing things on my radar dealing with makeup, fashion, accessories, nails, hair, and anything with glitter or sequins on it (lol).  Now I’ve been getting acrylic nails since my sophomore year of high school so I’m a nail art fiend.  Around Christmas I was ready to explore the newest trend of 3D nail art/ designs and I was referred by a friend to Salon Couture.  It’s located on 7625 Marlboro Pike, Forestville Md 20747 (Main Shop # 301-735-7222)

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http://saloncouturedc.com/index.html# .  Salon Couture is a multiple award-winning hair salon, barber and nail salon (YES ALL IN ONE).   I was even more elated to see African-American nail tech’s because in all the nail shops I’ve visited in the DMV area this was my first time every seeing this.   The receptionist on duty at the time Ms. Liz is such a sweetie pie, she forwarded me over the phone to Charmisa.

I made an appointment with Ms. Charmisa who is now my official Nail Angel!  She was fast, professional, attentive and very eager to make sure that I happy with my nails/ nail art.  She took my little ideas and turned them into this…

The pictures speak for themselves, but 2 months later I still had 80% of my sequins and my fill in area (the area between your nail bed and the actual acrylic was less than an inch.  I was very impressed not to mention none of my nails broke, cracked because of the style the acrylic was set they’re very strong and resilient.  I have the “Stilleto Nail” with a hump in the middle; if you look at the nail head on it looks almost like a mountain peak.  Now if you’re a “Plain Baby Jane” and this is too much for you or not feasible for your lifestyle Charmisa also does normal manicure and or acrylic layovers just like any nail tech

 If your cuticle are looking like you’ve been doing construction…and you work an office GO VISIT SALON COUTURE ASAP!

7625 Marlboro Pike, Forestville Md 20747 (Main Shop # 301-735-7222)


(SHOP Instagram @dcsaloncouture)

Nail Tech: CHARMISA INSTAGRAM @nailed_em MicGrezzy

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