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So, this past week has been interesting week of reflection. It’s great to have friends who can pull you back into the right frame of mind when you tend to go left at times. I tend to believe that I don’t have enough time left on this earth to accomplish the goals and dreams that I want to accomplish. I often feel like I wasted a lot of time being afraid and chasing after the wrong things.

And Social Media…. Lawd it doesn’t make it any better. You see your peers doing these amazing things and you start reflecting on your life like…LISTEN Lachea’ you need to focus and keep it together. This sometimes can stop us from standing in the moment and appreciating the small victories. Progress is progress whether you are taking big steps or small ones. They all count as long as you are headed in the right direction.

Anyway, over the weekend I had watched a sermon by Pastor Touré from The Potter’s House One LA and it was on faith. Now I attend a Faith based church like my church is called Spirit of Faith, so we are constantly discussing the importance of faith in our lives but sometimes you have to hear it from outside of the home for it to click. Pastor Touré’ was talking about living by FAITH! Now it sounds cliché but do you live your life every single day as if IMPOSSIBLE didn’t exist?

Think about….

Can God see your FAITH?

What would you have accomplished by now if you truly took the limits off? I know I would be in a totally different place! I am so done with being bound by FEAR!!! I am so SINCERE about taking the limits off.

HOW DO WE CONTINUOUSLY QUOTE scriptures like Luke 1:37 “With God nothing is impossible!” or my favorite Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” but not live out our best life. Why is that?

Because we don’t really apply FAITH to every area of our life! We don’t always live by Faith! And as I really started thinking about the difference between me and them. I know for a fact that my thoughts and my mouth is what gets me off track sometimes.

I can’t do that!

Man, I’m not there yet!

Even this past Sunday I had some people compliment me on my shirt and asked where I got it from and I said I made it and they said…Why didn’t I know you designed t-shirts…You know why because I don’t go around and tell people I’m a designer because I don’t think I am but I designed that shirt and several others that are selling and guess what that makes me…A designer!!!

So, own who God has called you to be and if you don’t know who that is get in his presence and find out.

We must stop talking ourselves out of the things God has specifically pre-destined us to do.

We have to literally start speaking those things that be not as though they were because your perception is your reality!

Live everyday like the world IMPOSSIBLE never existed and take the limits off!

Walk up to those doors as if they were already open.

Don’t take NO as if it is the end….see as you just didn’t ask the right person yet or not right now!

I’m going to end this post with a quote from my father Rev. Anthony Bondon’s sermon Mix It Up!

“Most people live and die in the wilderness of uncertainty.  They’re not sure.  You would of built it, but you’re not sure.  You would of seized it, but you’re not sure.  You could have had it, but you’re not focused.  You could of mastered it, but you wouldn’t study it.  Your fear is your enemy!  You’re scared because you can’t see it.  You’ve heard about it but you won’t move because you can’t see it. Your visions and dreams aren’t doing you any good because you won’t mix it with a little faith.  Where is your Faith?  You’ve got to Mix it up!  You’re afraid of the wrong thing.  You ought to be more afraid of not accomplishing what you are created to do than you are the inconveniences and difficulties along the way.”

 You can do this and we are going to do this together!

Be You! Be Great! Be Unstoppable! Be Chosen!

Until next time my love!


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