I Had a blast speaking to Howard University yesterday about how to live your Dreams! S/O to my panel members @necolebitchie @issarae @l10_mia and the Simmons sisters! (Manifest your Dreams!!!!) #toyeadedipe #celebritystylist

Over the past week I’ve had the pleasure to attend quite a few events. My top favorite was Dream Day at Howard University. We had the pleasure of hearing from  2 different panels which I classified as the new generation and the older generation. I of course was overly excited to know that yes my loves Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons was going to be there and from the crowd that was there I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I thought that they would be the highlight of the event pertaining to fashion and business but I was so sincerely wrong! As the panels came to an end Fonzworth Bentley who was the host of the event and also equally amazing, introduced Jeff Johnson, well-known as Cousin Jeff   from BET’s Rap City. WHEN I SAY THIS MAN SPOKE VOLUMES INTO MY LIFE AS I TYPE THIS TO YOU ALL IN ALL CAPS. I mean man, as it was said in Love Jones he broke it down so that it would be consistently and forever broken! He encouraged us to dream dreams that did not make sense! He encouraged us to stop wanting to be MEDIOCRE!! Basically stating there is more to life then being a ball player, a rapper, a singer, a dancer, a model, etc….He challenged the individuals in that room to become more. To become someone so much more greater than that because we CAN!

So what has God put in your spirit to do that you have down played and said that it can’t be done. What the Wright brothers decided that they couldn’t fly that dream was too impossible to be or Steve Jobs decided that the Iphone was just totally unrealistic idea. I mean seriously WHY NOT and don’t let any one stop you. We can’t let our parents or our “friends” be our dream killers. If they are confused about their life and don’t know which way is up you don’t sit there and be confused with him you just GO!! Go after you dream full throttle and never quit eventually they will see you leaving the station and try to hop on too.

I am so inspired by his belief in the fact that we can do more that I am looking at going to school in London to get my Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and I’m completely excited. I have never been out of the country so this would be like umm insane for me. I’m EXCITED! I DREAM BIG! I have a clothing store to open, a hotel to run, and a non-profit to start. Those are my dreams well the starting point any way because once God puts the SUPER on my NATURAL ain’t no telling where I might go. This was supposed to be a review of the event lol but I hope you are encouraged by this to DREAM BIG BE SUPERB and NOT mediocre.

More pics from Dream Day below

Later Loves!

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