Where Dey At??


So first let me start off by saying I LOVE H&M and the new Plus Size line is great!! Good step in the right direction except…… WHERE ARE THE CLOTHES? Seriously I’m beefin with yall (yes I said Beef<<<They Blew Me) How do you make a plus size clothing line, put it in select stores, AND THEN NOT TELL ME (your target market) what location that I can find it in SINCE I CANNOT SHOP ONLINE!! Then you have the AUDACITY to show me what I have yet to FIND<<<lol I sound real mad right. Seriously though, I love the fact that you have realized that the there is a whole market that you were missing out on and decided to cater to it but Please Please Please tell me where dey at so I can purchase what I see

Signed Sincerely,

LOST and have yet to FIND

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