Confessions of a Makeup Junkie…

29 May

As a young woman I’ve grown to love makeup more and more over the years. I watch YouTube make-up tutorials religiously to learn new tips, and catch up on new beauty products. I’m super fickle (aka I change my mind alot 🙂 so makeup is the perfect way to “change your look” and keep it fresh. MAC, NYX, L’oreal, ELF, Nars, Sephora, Black Radiance just to name a few of my favorites are always coming out with a must have item. As I stated in a previous post I’ve had acne since I was in middle school, it’s diminished alot but I still have a few spots and “monthly breakouts” (Ladies know what I mean) that almost require me to wear concealer and or foundation to cover them up. I’ve always been insecure about my natural skin because of my breakouts and acne scars but lately I’ve been going outside……WITH NO MAKEUP ON!!!


Lmbo! Yes, I, Michaelia have started going outside in BROAD DAYLIGHT with no foundation, mascara, concealer etc only lip gloss or lipstick. Granted I did wear sunglasses so I’m kind of cheating but for me this is a big accomplishment, over the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to take a “day off” from makeup on my skin. 1) To give my skin a break, on my days off from work I would even wear makeup so really my skin was covered 7 days a week & 2) I’m trying to embrace my natural-ness since my hair is natural now I feel like hey why not my face!! I even asked male friends and they’ve confirmed they prefer women to not wear a lot of makeup or none at all which I can understand. I had to explain to them that most women don’t wear makeup for men, they do it for themselves, if you look good then you’ll feel good right? Right. So with that being said I think makeup is fine (if applied correctly lol) but having a dependency on it can cause you to feel less than beautiful which is usually only seen by your self consciousness and not by others. Since I’ve primarily been on one side of the fence I want to try to explore my “blank face” in more places and more often. Don’t be mistaken I’m not going out to an event with a blank face now (snaps fingers) but I will continue to do errands, shopping and local runs without makeup just to remind myself I’m beautiful with or without…makeup 🙂

With makeup...

With makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

with makeup...

with makeup…

Without makeup...

Without makeup…

without makeup...

without makeup…

**Show me your “BLANK FACE” tag me on Instagram @mic_suggah with the Hastag #4TheLifeOfMe 🙂


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