Forever 21 Hello Kitty Pre Launch

Seriously this cat’s brand image is really off the hook….  Hello Kitty makes about 5 billion dollars annually!! O.O It is just crazy to me how people of all ages love this cat! Nevertheless, Forever 21 is doing a pre launch of their Hello Kitty line for the holidays and I honestly assumed a bunch of T-shirts and mediocre stuff but they have some really amazing pieces from clothing to comforters! I posted a few of my favorites below.

Neon Pop Hello Kitty® Top-$15.80
Ditsy Hello Kitty® Shirtdress w/ Belt-$24.80

                                                                                                                                       Faux Leather Trimmed Hello Kitty® Cardigan-$27.80

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Duvet Cover-$29.80
This will probably be on my best friends bed when I come to visit her in Florida smh << she 25 y’all -_- lol Love you!
Its cute though!
Chococat® Hooded Onesie-$22.80
Why not a onesie??

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