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12 Dec


Ayyyyyyyeeee It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! I know… I know… I’ve been on a little hiatus but it was for good reason. I had to clear my mind and be focus for my up and coming Mission trip on Friday. So this will probably be the last post until the top of 2018, with a little facelift to my blog site; added some merchandise for my Chosen campaign as well! Anyway, I wanted to share with you how much you are loved!!

No seriously! Even though at this moment you might feel like people have abandoned you, this person betrayed you or left. Just really thinking about all the losses you may have taken this year but I’m here to tell you that you are LOVED! This new found revelation that I have of this AGAPE type love is blessing me over and over each day!

Let’s get into this… Sunday Antoinette Brazelton from Victory Christian Ministry came to teach at our Echo Service on Sunday and boy did she truly bless my life. Her heart for GOD is soooo big! One of her key points in her lesson was that God loves us! And on the surface you probably reading this joint like ok we KNOW! But do you really? I mean I thought I knew but the way his love has been consuming me this week isn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced before! So she took us back to the beginning, Genesis. In Genesis chapter one we read how God spoke things into existence. Throughout all of chapter 1 you see the words “And God Said…” but God thought so much of you and I, that he handcrafted us. He got down in the dirt and got lost in his work of creating us. Listen, I missed this for years and I don’t want you to miss this…God spoke everything else into existence we are his only creation that he personally touched and crafted and molded and shaped and he took his time! He put thought and effort into how we would function and look because he knew he was putting himself on the inside of us!!!!! *screams* Think about how we are made…our DNA make up…how we are all uniquely different. How we as women can produce other human beings. How God breathe himself on the inside of us. Now this is to me the highest level of intimacy. God breathing his breath into our bodies to give us life. We are a walking reflection of GOD. He created us knowing that we would make all these mistakes…and yet he considers us his greatest work.

And the most amazing thing about God is that his love cannot be earned it is FREELY GIVEN. There is nothing you can do to make him love you more than what he already does and there is nothing you can do or have done that can make him love you less. He is LOVE and we are his heartbeats in the earth.

HE IS A GOOD GOOD FATHER!!!!! Lawd….as I type this I am just in awe of his love for us! So when you feel like you have no one else, you have God! He never abandons us even when we abandon him. He is always right there with open arms waiting for you to come home!

If you have never confessed Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and never experience this love I’m talking about right now! You can!

Romans 10:9Says that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is lord and he died for our sins and rose from the dead you shall be saved.

If this has blessed you in anyway comment and share. If you made Jesus your lord and savior via this post please share with me!!!! I want to personally WELCOME YOU to the FAMILY!!!! Email me at chozenbyme@gmail.com or leave a comment. I would love to hear how God is changing your life!!!

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Rihanna Drops Diamonds in D.C!

16 May

Rihanna’s 777 Diamonds World Tour finally touched down in the DMV (D.c Maryland and VA) April 29th at the Verizon Center. The Sunday proceeding the concert we all took a trip down to Tyson’s Corner Mall to run for a few last minute things which includes Cinnabun of course :). Since I’m the designated makeup junkie of the clique Ashley and Erin asked me to do their faces for the show.

I wanted Erin’s makeup to focus on her lips with something bold and bright, keep the eyes nude, and accentuated long lashes. For Erin’s foundation we used Maybelline’s BB Cream for a light coverage on her face. Then I used my Elf Cosmetic’s Small Angled Brush and the leftover residue of my Black Radiance Creme Liner in “Classic Black” to fill in her brows and elongate her tail. I wanted to keep her eyes simple and clean so I used Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NW35 to highlight her lids. Then I used a large blending brush to apply “honey brown” (from Sephora’s “In The Night” moon shadow baked palette) to give her eye a light shine without too much color.
Since her lashes are already long and pronounced we didn’t need to add anything to them. I wanted to make her eyes pop so I used NYX’s jumbo pencil in “Cottage Cheese” which has a shimmery white color on her water line. This pencil shows up a little lighter than I would’ve liked so I used Sephora’s “In the Night” shadow palette again this time in “white gold” to make her water line as white as possible. I’m a strong believer of hydrating lips BEFORE applying any lipstick or lip color to avoid cracks or dryness. We used Carmex’s moisturizing lip balm, let it set for a few minutes and then wipe the residue off with the back of your hand (I noticed that putting skin to skin to remove the lip moisturizer is better than wiping it away with a tissue because it doesn’t strip away the moisture :). Then I applied NYX’s Matte color in “Sweet Pink” to her lips we did have to add a little bit of Wet and Wild’s “Dollhouse Pink” and it turned out like this……

Erin aka E*Baby

Erin aka E*Baby



The products that made Erin's look happen*

The products that made Erin’s look happen*

Ashley applied her Mary Kay’s “matte wear” for full coverage on her face. Then I went straight to the eyes and primed them with NYX’s eye shadow base to keep her shadow from creasing. I applied a tortoise sea green shadow from her Absolute palette on her lids (sorry it doesn’t have an actual name it’s a beauty supply store palette, lol). Then under her bottom lashes I applied a peachy orange shadow with Sephora’s flat eyeliner brush to give her eyes a pop of color. I love the look of false lashes but I haven’t mastered the application as of yet. So we asked our lash queen Dondra to put her skills to work and apply a set of Elf Cosmetics lashes. After a few minutes Ashley’s lashes were dry, I touched up her shadow a bit and then I went to the lips. While we where at Tyson’s Ashley purchased Sephora’s Rogue cream lipstick “Love Test 11” which is a gorgeous creamy purple…..



The products that made Ashley's look happen*

The products that made Ashley’s look happen*


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Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Ash and Erin

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

Rih Rih

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